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Ask and Relax

Manifestation is not an exact science. It does however get stronger and stronger the more you hone the skills that facilitate it, like focusing on desired outcomes, not energizing undesired outcomes, asking for what you want, from the Universe (and the people you want it from), going after what you want with positive and immediate action, and simply relaxing…trusting that what you want will, or even better, already is taking place. You must believe, feel, see, envision, fantasize, personalize and energize your desired outcome. Your energy must be focused there.

You have to control the thoughts you have about this outcome. And then continue to energize the desired outcome throughout your day. The Bible says pray without ceasing. You’re not praying or affirming without ceasing because you don’t believe in your outcome.

You MUST believe in your outcome. Prepare yourself for it. Want a date? Then go take a shower, put on a nice clean outfit, do your make up and hair and go outside of your home (or even try asking someone out). Get ready! And then believe that your date (the one you specify in your mind–not some gotcha boobie prize date) is on his/her way.

If you pray without ceasing because you’re trying to convince yourself or have doubts then you’re just energizing the opposite of your desire, the not having it. And that is what you’ll get because that’s where you’re pouring your energy.

Unfortunately we’re habituated to do just that, to not have faith, to not believe in good for us or our happy endings, such things are even called “fairy tales” and “reality” or “truth” is always something bad. Lies. Bottom line, belief that the truth is something negative is a lie. It’s time to throw that old belief out. Right to the top of the waste heap.

Good outcomes are for you, your reality is positive if you choose for it to be. What you choose it to be is happening in every moment of your life whether you acknowledge this or not. The bad outcomes you have experienced come out of you as much as the good ones. Both. They all come from what you truly in your heart and mind believe will happen. Belief drives behavior, choices, and experience. Period.

Change them, energize different beliefs from those that create undesirable outcome, leads to changed experience. Period. It really is that easy. Refuse to energize that change is hard. It’s not. Breaking habits of thought and belief is what takes effort, but it is doable. You’re having thoughts and acting out beliefs in every moment of your life anyway. You’re doing it no matter what and creating life experiences anyway. So bring your attention to this fact. Mindfulness. Awareness.

Focus yourself on yourself, how you think, what you think. And think about what you want. Your desired outcome. Write it down (3×5 cards are your friends as are small notebooks and pens). Frequently. Take it with you. Write it in margins. Say it to yourself. Believe it. Believe in it. See it feel it taste it live it before it shows up. Get yourself ready NOW!

Allow it. And enjoy it. Its yours and there is nothing you have to do or change about you to deserve it. Its yours for the asking. Ask and it is given.

Dr. Alissa
Life on YOUR Terms!

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Negativity…For What?

I’m not saying don’t EVER be negative…ok I AM saying that, but I think for most every living breathing human being that will be nigh on impossible…whatever. I’m not talking about perfection I’m talking about intent and action. Now. What you do in this present moment. That’s the only thing that is important and being positive (not negative) in this moment and in each “this moment” that you have is key.
Key to what? you might ask. Everything. I would answer. Yeah, oh…Doc…Everything. you say with incredulity. Yes, Everything! I say, But I’ll start small, ok?
Let’s not worry about EVERYTHING or PERFECTION, let us simply concern ourselves with what’s on our mind now and our best efforts to think as positively about that/those things as we can. Ok? I’ll do it, if you will (again, I’m doing it anyway, but you know…). So within our best effort to think positively on our challenges (whether they be tasks or relationships) we can give ourselves the energy to address these and move them in the right direction.

Criticism and complaining is the worst kind of negative thinking in regard to getting what you want and enjoying your experiences and interactions with others. I have one special person in my life who still gets the brunt of my criticism and complaints–which mostly, but not always stays in my head. And for the most part our relationship does NOT improve. It stays right in the negative zone. Pretty much every experience with this person sucks and when they don’t suck they’re neutral at best. That is so WEAK. I’m working on it! I’m working on it! Do you have such a person? Ugh!

Criticism and complaining just bring you more to criticize and complain about. Bleh! I don’t want that! I DO NOT WANT THAT! I feel it in my chest when I think about just getting more from my criticism and complaints now. NO THANKS! That feeling of “no more, thank you!” is what backs me right off that negative thought path. I would rather think of something gross than think of something negative–like a cigarette floating in a greasy bowl of cold soup. YUCK! But it’s better than complaining about something I DO NOT want more of. Turns me right away from that worse line of thought. Plus I’m not going to think about filthy cigarette water for long, but I could go on for hours criticizing the one I don’t love. HA! No, stop, now!

And criticism, complaining and negative thought paths don’t serve any real purpose. Does complaining usually fix anything? Occasionally you can get a bill adjusted or something fixed, but in terms of your intimate relationships does it ever really create the change you want? Never for me. Criticism of art or dance MAY instruct (and may not), but criticism of your children (without the offering of a better alternative, particularly) will just make them feel bad (and you too, admit it) and not get you the behavior from them that you want. Allowing your mind to wander and wallow down a negative thought path again will not get you what you want. Have you ever stuck to the diet from calling yourself fat and lacking will power? Has that ever really worked for you? Never has for me. I got frustrated with my fat, but I wasn’t hating on it when I lost it. Just ready for it to go.

So that’s it. Negativity, for what? The only thing it seems to accomplish is giving you more of what you  don’t want and keeps you from the things you want. So, stop, now!

Love ya,


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Limited Thinking is Rather Useless

Hmmmmm. I was thinking about limited thinking. About all of our (ok, my) “I can’ts” or “I shouldn’ts” or “I don’t know how to, so I won’t trys” and the worst of all, “I’m nots”. “I’m not this enough or that enough to do that.” “I’m not at this level yet, so I can’t do that.” This always ends up a self fulfilling prophecy. You say you are or you aren’t and it’s true enough, you end up being that…usually the thing that you don’t want to be.

For some reason (a lifetime of conditioning, perhaps) it is very easy to “energize” our negative thinking…especially about ourselves. I do it all the time, sad to say. Even though I may be a bit better than average at catching myself, I still do need to catch myself in my negative mindsets about me from time to time.

Oddly enough I wasn’t thinking particularly negatively about myself today, I was just having fun ice skating with my son and nieces and admiring the speedskateresque thighs of mine in my tights, when I thought about the uselessness of thinking negatively about oneself. What do we get out of it. Everything we do has some benefit to us or we won’t do it. What is the point of thinking about our “limitations”? Avoidance of failure? Not facing a fear? Maintaining old relationships based on a limited version of us? Hmmmm…all of these outcomes sound pretty sucky to me. Why choose sucky? Again the same reasons I just listed likely apply. Useless.

I can’t think of an upside to thinking of or energizing our “can’ts” and “nots”…especially not in light of the limited time we have here in this life. Every moment is precious and our last one is coming sooner or later, so spending any of our moments putting ourselves down, limiting our possibilities, and saying “no” to ourselves is a waste of time. So stop. I will, if you will.

You know I love ya!

Dr. Alissa

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Your life is all you get

I used to think that other people’s lives were better than mine. I assumed they were anyway. When other people would spend time with their families I was envious as I sat with my own. When other people had experiences or wonderful opportunities I figured they were smarter or harder working or more together or more deserving than me, I assumed this as I experienced my own interesting, wonderful life that others repeatedly told me was the most interesting and amazing they knew of.

I was pondering this the other day and figured out it doesn’t matter how good someone else’s life looks because you’ll (I’ll) never experience any other life than my own. Not appreciating the multitude of blessings in my own life really is insulting to the people and things I attract that bless me every day.

I’m stopping the insult. I am stopping the attempt to pull in the experiences of others (did I mention this is impossible? It is!) and just sit with my own and savor them. If I want my life to be different, I am well aware, that I will need to change my beliefs, thoughts and actions. That’s where the change in circumstances comes from.

I love you…that’s always my starting and ending place!

Doctor Alissa

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Check out this video…just happened on it and it is RIGHT ON POINT.

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Not for me

So I realize this is a very weird time for me, personally, financially, professionally, etc. Everything is changing at once!

So I decided a few days ago that my chosen career is not for me. I have felt that since before I started it. I recall applying for the job but when it was offered to me, asking to work for them as a consultant. I got convinced to give up the consulting idea, despite some success as a consultant the previous few years and enjoyment of the “project” type of work and just take the job. As a security seeking person going to the first real job after graduate school, I compromised my insides and took the job.

Mistake. One of a long list of them where I listened to external voices and “reason” instead of my gut. Went WRONG every time (including my marriage, decisions to buy property, staying married, getting fat, etc). DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE YOURSELF PLEASE! LISTEN TO YOU!

So I have actually been making good progress on some projects–writing, business development, entrepreneurial, etc recently and feel bouyed by this. They feel like the right thing to do and I am excited by the idea of them (I’m up at 6:27 AM blogging to ya’ll ain’t I?). It’s growth and in the right way–aligned with my own truths. IMPORTANT!

But it was funny, yesterday I was approached by someone on FaceBook…and no it wasn’t a muslce “perv” about something called the “90 day challenge”. She asked if I was interested in helping with this. I didn’t know what it was but she has always seemed cool on FB so I said sure (and she still is cool thus far). So she called me and we chatted about training and such and then I asked about the Challenge and how I could help. In talking to her before asking this I talked about my coaching and how I found that weight loss is 100% mental, our bodies are simply reflections of how we feel and what we think of ourselves–how much we sweat and what we eat is WAY secondary actually.

Anyway, she began to tell me about a MLM (multi level marketing) business which sells shakes and supplements (I think, I’m still not totally clear, but I haven’t gone through all the materials yet) for weight loss. I’m skeptical of this business model of course, but I listen. I’m in this place where I want to leave corporate life and do my own thing and the Universe has been leading me to many supports and opportunities so I was remaining open to see if this was one of them…but still skeptical.

The information seemed useful and interesting and non-offensive. The territory in NJ is pretty open still. I listened and watched videos and a few things struck me: #1–one guy said he liked the company because they were the only one to talk about why the diet and fitness industry “doesn’t really want people to lose weight” (I’ve been saying this for YEARS!). Gimmicks won’t get you there…changing your mindset and behavior will! #2–the people for the most part in the videos did look smaller but they still looked like HELL! Diet alone won’t get it sweetheart! #3–I am a believer in eating food. Shakes are good as “supplements” not as regular meal replacements and getting one meal a day (plus two shakes and 3 snacks) wasn’t working for me and how I know my body works best. I know that when my (and your) body is ready it can lose weight eating a variety of types of foods.

I didn’t get to the entry price directly but indirectly I guess it looked reasonable ($499?). I looked up on line the company and the reviews seemed to indicate that it is not a scam according to top reviews. Hmmm. Still skeptical but listening. As I read the positive reviews…and was blocked (Universe? Protecting me again?) from going to the next website with additional information…I was thinking it is possible for the company to manipulate this by putting positive evaluations of their company highest in search engine lists…control of searching is a HUGE power and people who do this for a living know this. I thought it but put it aside for the moment.

The materials did reveal one important thing. One reviewer said that “people often fail at these things because they don’t take it for what it is…a business”. I found this to be a deep insight and useful for my own thinking generally. Business mindset is one I’m still developing.

So we went on talking and she said she’d find me a local meeting to go to and send the working links to my FB inbox. It’s the day before Thanksgiving so I was ready to go anyway and said I’d look for these things. I was still positively impressed…mostly by her (she TRAINS HARD!). Anyway I went along with my modest turkey day preparations and she sent me a text reminding me about some aspect of what she was selling and it irritated me a tiny bit as “hello?” I am (along with the rest of America) prepping for Thanksgiving right now, not thinking about next steps with the company. I texted this back and she backed off. I wasn’t rude I don’t think, but still…

Anyhoo, I woke up in the middle of the night as my son is with me right now and we share my little double bed and he is BIG and a BAD SLEEPER so I was UP! I was poking around FaceBook and noticed she had sent me additional materials about signing up on Thanksgiving and getting free shipping for the product. Annoyed. Ignored. I happened to look at the sidebar of my FB page and it had “Your message from God today” and “Daily Horoscope”. Since I had already gotten my message from God, I clicked horoscope. This is what it said:

“You would be wise to avoid financial risks at the moment. You may be tempted to invest in the latest get rich quick scheme, but don’t. As you know, usually the only people making money off these schemes are those who thought them up. If you’re a bettor, it would serve you well to lay off betting for today, or at least don’t bet heavily on a long shot.”

I HAD TO LAUGH AT THAT! Was it on time? Of course it was as that’s when God and the Universe deliver…on time…if you pay attention. I’m listening. I’m paying attention! That (or any) MLM is not for me.

I did enjoy another great insight into myself however–I have significant internal resistance to marketing of this type–now it wasn’t high pressure (at least at first) at all and I respect the women who are doing it and I hope it works well for them (who doesn’t want a black BMW at level two? Me actually, I prefer Mercedes Benz–powder blue with cream interior, but that’s another story), but as I said it’s not for me. But this marketing thing was important. I started this blog with my invention of the IMP–earbud belt that “solves tangled earbud problems”. I went through R and D (at my own expense), design work, figuring out manufacturing in China even and then stalled on packaging and marketing. I have about 4000 pieces in my office right now that need packaging and marketing! Can you say resistance and stumbling block? I still believe in the solution and vow to overcome this resistance and get it to market (if only to sell those 4000 pieces I have cluttering my office (and life)! Vow!

Back to my reaction to the marketing, I hold it in such contrast to what I’ve learned from Dr. Joe Vitale (and again VOW to follow) and seen from an upcoming event at my gym “Muscle Camp“. The Muscle Camp example is interesting because it is offered and consistently mentioned in the gym, website and FB page, but that’s it. It shows the benefits (pro bodybuilders, workshops, lunch, t-shirt, positive benefits) without hitting you over the head. Either this speaks to you and you want to attend…or you don’t. Joe Vitale speaks of this too marketing something you love to people who are interested in it. It’s not a hard sell, it’s providing what is wanted to people who want it and feel glad to get it.

Anyway, I learned all that from that one afternoon and evening experience! Woot!

Dr. Alissa (the inventrix)

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Even in this slow down period of growing my business while I think and strategize I am still doing. I sold 30 imps the other day and used some of the money from those sales to buy copies of Think and Grow Rich for these 4 boys (young men) I know who appear to me (and I could be wrong)…drifting along. They’re intelligent and nice young men and I think they can be great, but they’re (likely) unfocused. I want them to be focused and manifest their dreams.

This is a larger part of my vision and intention for Da Vinci FML, LLC (my company over IMP and my other efforts) to share mindfulness and intentionality of the mind (e.g. Think and Grow Whatever the hell you want!) with communities that are relatively powerless. The power is there and always has been. It’s a matter or harnessing it. Sharing this fact and cultivating it is crucial to me.


p.s. Keep your earbuds SAFE with the IMP earbud belt. NEW 10 pack for $15/shipping FREE!

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Pondering…and moving.

So I have taken a break from blogging, and selling IMPs while I reconfigured my ideas and set some more goals. I realized a few things…I’m not a salesperson. And that’s not a bad thing. When I learned of sales representatives who can sell for me I was convinced that is the way to go. I want to bring this product to lots of people, and I can’t do that myself. Professional rep companies can.

I also learned about the need to develop a line of products for manufacturers to take me seriously. It is a lot of work and money to bring a new product into stores and and Andy told me “even if they think your product is the greatest thing since sliced bread, they won’t carry it because it would be too much work”.

So a line, is in the works, with universal workout mp3 holder armbands and the IMP straps.  It is cohesive with my other brand, the Size 10 Chronicles and the technology end of things. Both to make fitness better and more stylish and music/entertainment more organized and safer. That’s how I plan on working up the brand.

I am turning 40 in a month. I will try to get to the CES to the iLounge to sell IMPs. Lots to do, like 3 weeks to do it in. Line sheet today.


p.s. as I said on FB…”Next”.

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Manifesting Parking Spaces

So you know I LOVE Napoleon HIll. I am working on my Thinking and Growing Rich. My goal is to manifest $480 million dollars in the next 4 years. The book says to name your price, so I named one I think would make me happy. Whatever it is. Name it. Named it. Claim it. Claiming it. Manifesting what I think.

Part of getting the money–the main part really for me is gaining my freedom. Freedom to do what I want to do from moment to moment. Feeling freedom now–what will it feel like–working at the things I LOVE to do–inventing, business, working out, personal coaching, helping people with weight loss, and this…manifesting their dreams.

I have experienced this already. Sure it sounds nuts, but it’s not really. I manifested a size 10 from a size 20 and have maintained it after seeing it in my head I made it happen. The book says this and I knew it before I read the book as I experienced it from time to time previously. You have to feel what it’s like. I felt what my smaller body was like.

I know it works. I’m now working on a size 6–ripped and lean for good.

Anyway…so far I’ve been manifesting good parking spaces. Not $480 million dollars. But it’s a start.


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Agent Andy. I got about $1million dollars worth of advice yesterday from Andrew Abrams yesterday. Truly a priceless 45 minute conversation. He is a designer, licensing agent, genius all around to bringing products such as mine to market. Do this Alissa!

What I took from the conversation.

My price point is too high. Will make that adjustment on the website tomorrow.

Gift show representation…HUH? Knew nothing about it, now I know something and have a contact.

Retail packaging…I knew a bit about this, but got more detailed information about showing for gift shows (spindle, J hook).

Hope. There is a market for this product. Getting out to it won’t be as hard (or as easy) as I thought.

Yay for Andy!

Much love,


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Thanks Alanis

Old old song lyric. “I-I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth, to anyone….I certainly do”. This has been my “drop fear” mantra for a while. I’m not a particularly fearful person (have you seen my other website? If I can show my butt on video in underwear on my journey from a size 20 to a size 8 then I don’t have lots of fear, obviously.), but I feel like I’m not as BOLD as I want to be either. That experience on my town website was a good one for me even though it was embarassing. Insert foot in mouth. Keep moving (hard with one foot in mouth, but I’ll manage).



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