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So I have taken a break from blogging, and selling IMPs while I reconfigured my ideas and set some more goals. I realized a few things…I’m not a salesperson. And that’s not a bad thing. When I learned of sales representatives who can sell for me I was convinced that is the way to go. I want to bring this product to lots of people, and I can’t do that myself. Professional rep companies can.

I also learned about the need to develop a line of products for manufacturers to take me seriously. It is a lot of work and money to bring a new product into stores and and Andy told me “even if they think your product is the greatest thing since sliced bread, they won’t carry it because it would be too much work”.

So a line, is in the works, with universal workout mp3 holder armbands and the IMP straps.  It is cohesive with my other brand, the Size 10 Chronicles and the technology end of things. Both to make fitness better and more stylish and music/entertainment more organized and safer. That’s how I plan on working up the brand.

I am turning 40 in a month. I will try to get to the CES to the iLounge to sell IMPs. Lots to do, like 3 weeks to do it in. Line sheet today.


p.s. as I said on FB…”Next”.

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