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Some people are jerks…

I wrote a note on my town website about the product. It was risky because (and I had forgotten but was quickly reminded) how touchy people are on that message board. I got my hand slapped right away for advertising there. OUCH, that stings!

The person who slapped my hand is probably right, but the way he did it. YUCK. I was so upset, annoyed, hurt I got shaken for half a day. Now I have had lots and lots and lots of positive comments from people who have tried the product, bought the product and all and one guy, who has never seen it, and may tend toward the snarky makes a comment and WHAM I hit the mat and it takes hours for me to get back up again. This ish is fragile, but getting tougher.

And then some people are NOT jerks….I did have some very good news. I’m connecting with a man (thanks Barbara!) who can help me move the business to business end of things forward. I hope to work with him to get into gift shows and make contact with corporations and other vendors/orgs who could use the product as a promotional vehicle. Every time a customer or alumni looks at their iPod they’d see the logo of that company. Pretty cool. Looking forward to that!

Much love,


p.s. my dear friends via facebook backed me up on the jerk thing.

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