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I do my own stunts

Being a starting…can we say self financed…operation. I realized recently that I am my own bikini girl (you know the hot chick who hands out flyers about the latest products?) and I do my own stunts. I am it. The face, the body, and the voice of IMP and If I don’t speak for it who will? Ha.

So to get the eyes over here I am the one will be jumping around in a bananna costume or flashing my boobs…whatever. Interested? Come and hear what I’m selling sweet thing. The price is right and the shipping is free…plus this baby works…will save you time and frustration…bringing some Zen of IMP into your life…OMMMMMmmmmmm. Baby. Breathe and buy.




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I don’t know what to say…

I like this business stuff. I have a challenge ahead of me because my product is so new (it came out of my brain, you know) I have to EXPLAIN what it is to people THEN convince them to buy it. The solution is really sort of obvious and once people see it they like it. BRILLIANT! MAKES SENSE. AWESOME. YOU’RE a GENIUS. …thanks! 🙂

717348425306_0_SM Tangled cords…AHHHHHH!

BlackWhiteWhite Orderly cords!


It is rather genius…in it’s simplicity and functionality. If I do say so myself. 🙂

So I talk about it and it works…to educate people about it. And encourage them to solve their tangled cord problems. I’ll talk. And keep talking.

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