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I sold 3!

Tonight I ended up at the Princeton Macintosh Users Group (PMUG). For some reason I thought “users groups” this morning. I was actually thinking, “Holy sh*t, I started this company and now I have to sell these things! How?” People need to know about the IMPs. So I spent the day sending notes to my contacts on Yahoo and posting the first video commercial to my friends on Facebook. It’s a start right.

I am getting lots of good praise from my friends and family who finally see the IMPs and people are spreading the word to their friends, but I haven’t had any sales yet…until tonight (ok, it’s been 12 hours or so….ok, ok). Anyway the universe (don’t believe in it? sorry.) sent me to the PMUG meeting at the last minute tonight.

When I clicked on the link on the Apple website for MUGs in the area I saw listings for NYC and NJ. The next PMUG meeting listed was in December, but I just clicked on it anyway. I was surprised to see that the next meeting was this evening and the topic was Gadgets and Gizmos for the Holiday Season. What? My IMP is the perfect stocking stuffer (thanks for that idea Jen!)! Thank you universe…once again.

I picked up my kid and called my husband to tell him to come home early. I got my dad settled and my kid settled (with McDonalds…sorry kid, but had to give you something to make up for the fact I wouldn’t be home tonight…he got Astroboy and was happy with that). I programmed Princeton University into the GPS and was off.

I gave myself all kinds of pep talks on the drive down. “I’m gonna sell ALL these IMPs to those PMUGs!” “I am a great salesperson!” I’m not a salesperson…yet, but I’m building up the muscles…tonight was the first night.

I arrived at the meeting early and sat down. There was an unexpected crowd of older folks there…how cool, I didn’t see that coming, but liked it. They were companionable and friendly. I chatted with a few folks.

Then I noticed the presenter sitting down front and said to myself “No time like the present.” So I went down and introduced myself and the IMP to him. He was kind enough to include my IMP in his presentation. He went through like 100 products…some amazing and some weird and even some DIY suff for the holidays. He had a powerpoint with a lot of the products and then actually a few in person. He ended with mine and said “The inventor is actually here”. I explained what the product did “what you do with your earbuds…when they’re not in your ears”, was added to the URL list that will be shared with the entire group, and got some applause.

When I first spoke to him he mentioned his girlfriend Marie who reviews “products like yours”. I looked for Marie after the meeting and gave her a handful of IMPs. People complemented the packaging (designed it myself….thanks!) and the idea. They loved that I had it patented and I sold 3! Not quite my whole bag, but a start…and it felt SOOOOOOOO good. Way better than working…hello?!?!?! People give you money, for your product. You make money. I figured with that $27 bucks I made, paid for a good handful of product, a small dent in my investment…but something back. What a RUSH! I was high the whole drive home!



p.s. I drove through EDISON NJ and I thought about one of my inspirations…Thomas Edison. Cool.

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