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Never gonna give (me) up

So I’m up to my ears in stuff and feel like a chicken with my head cut off. I usually feel like a multitasker, but this is a bit overboard with it.

My dad, has started hospice at home and I am in charge of his care. I have been out of the office (for the job job) for a week. He needs help all day so I’m here. I’m glad to be here, but it is a LOT!

Today for example. Woke up and went to work out at 6am. Stopped midway through workout to come home because I felt I needed to be here (got in legs and shoulders and biceps…pretty good). Got home. Dad is crabby. Makes sense. You’re terminal…you’re allowed to be crabby, but since he’s not usually crabby with me I am taken aback. Ouch. His aide is there (semi-useless person). I bring him breakfast (after having dropped my son off at school). She get’s him dressed.

We’re expecting a delivery of a hospital bed as my back was starting to bother me from pulling him in and out of bed. They’re supposed to come at 9am. I clean out space in the garage for the big mattress set and frame. My husband pulls the bed into the garage. 9:30am no bed people. “Call them” dad instructs. OK.

They’re not scheduled to come until 5pm. WTF? I don’t think so! I’ve got an old man propped up on the couch and his bed is in the garage. Back and forth. Back and forth. They’re coming…in the next hour or two. Dad rolls eyes. Ouch.

Where am I going to find twin sheets? Had one left over from Halloween (son was a ghost). CANT FIND IT! WTF?! Where is it? Argh!

In between this I’m working for the job job, working on the invention job, stinky from the gym, feeling trapped, worse than with an infant. Can’t go anywhere or do anything until dad is situated. Driver arrives. Early. YAY!

He was having a bad day too. Nice guy though. Pleasant. TG! Got the mattress in. Husband arrives and says “I thought they were putting in a hospital bed”. WTF? Run downstairs to see. “Does that thing move?” Driver, “Yes, of course”. Husband! Bed is together. No sheets. Driver says, “Tuck in a full sized sheet.” Driver. 🙂 Lovely. Set up bed, sign papers, say goodbye to driver.

Guide dad downstairs, put him in bed. “Oh it’s much smaller than the other bed.” Duh! Ouch! (Like it was my fault? No.) Gotta vote, and work, and apologize at work, and need a new pair of sneakers (found Sports Authority coupon. Yay!), work, car front light is out, dad needs sheets, hungry. Ugh.

Get dad situated. Not hungry or thirsty. Good I’m out.


Talk to cousin. “is it normal to be this angry?” “yes.” Whew!

Drive to Sports Authority. Car radio stops working. WTF?! Dealer is on the way and car needs new light anyway. “I don’t have time for this!” Stop in. Ray Catena MB is awesome. Great service, but I am frustrated. “I don’t have time for this!” Nice Dan at RCMB is so CALM and KIND. I calmed down. Radio won’t reset, but he tried to do it three times so I wouldn’t need to bring it in. Nice. Put in new bulb. Didn’t charge me for it. Nice! Made appointment for next day. NICE.

My attitude and misery that had been building all day dissipated. Whew! Feel much better. That stop into the dealer was meant to be. Thanks non working radio. I even shot footage for my IMP video while I sat and waited. “The light is good and my purse is here, I can shoot this video while I wait.” And I did. Wanted to all day yesterday and COULDN’T, but took a breather today and good. Thank you abundant and supportive universe. I needed that!

Left and went on to get my new sneaks. Car radio works again. See?! Meant to be. All for a reason. No mistakes. While in dealer read an article in USA Today (who reads that?!) about corporate giving. Brought to the front of my mind what I want to do in terms of giving with this business. Give away Think and Grow Rich to kids. They need to know that they are in charge of them and can have whatever they want. May write up a book or course based on it myself later. Part of my profits go to this. Disempowered kids need to know this. Now!

Much love and remember no accidents!


p.s. my good friend the Resident Planning Geek ( blogged me and my good friend at came for a visit. Helped and more kindness. Thank you!

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