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Manifesting Parking Spaces

So you know I LOVE Napoleon HIll. I am working on my Thinking and Growing Rich. My goal is to manifest $480 million dollars in the next 4 years. The book says to name your price, so I named one I think would make me happy. Whatever it is. Name it. Named it. Claim it. Claiming it. Manifesting what I think.

Part of getting the money–the main part really for me is gaining my freedom. Freedom to do what I want to do from moment to moment. Feeling freedom now–what will it feel like–working at the things I LOVE to do–inventing, business, working out, personal coaching, helping people with weight loss, and this…manifesting their dreams.

I have experienced this already. Sure it sounds nuts, but it’s not really. I manifested a size 10 from a size 20 and have maintained it after seeing it in my head I made it happen. The book says this and I knew it before I read the book as I experienced it from time to time previously. You have to feel what it’s like. I felt what my smaller body was like.

I know it works. I’m now working on a size 6–ripped and lean for good.

Anyway…so far I’ve been manifesting good parking spaces. Not $480 million dollars. But it’s a start.


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Agent Andy. I got about $1million dollars worth of advice yesterday from Andrew Abrams yesterday. Truly a priceless 45 minute conversation. He is a designer, licensing agent, genius all around to bringing products such as mine to market. Do this Alissa!

What I took from the conversation.

My price point is too high. Will make that adjustment on the website tomorrow.

Gift show representation…HUH? Knew nothing about it, now I know something and have a contact.

Retail packaging…I knew a bit about this, but got more detailed information about showing for gift shows (spindle, J hook).

Hope. There is a market for this product. Getting out to it won’t be as hard (or as easy) as I thought.

Yay for Andy!

Much love,


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Thanks Alanis

Old old song lyric. “I-I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth, to anyone….I certainly do”. This has been my “drop fear” mantra for a while. I’m not a particularly fearful person (have you seen my other website? If I can show my butt on video in underwear on my journey from a size 20 to a size 8 then I don’t have lots of fear, obviously.), but I feel like I’m not as BOLD as I want to be either. That experience on my town website was a good one for me even though it was embarassing. Insert foot in mouth. Keep moving (hard with one foot in mouth, but I’ll manage).



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Some people are jerks…

I wrote a note on my town website about the product. It was risky because (and I had forgotten but was quickly reminded) how touchy people are on that message board. I got my hand slapped right away for advertising there. OUCH, that stings!

The person who slapped my hand is probably right, but the way he did it. YUCK. I was so upset, annoyed, hurt I got shaken for half a day. Now I have had lots and lots and lots of positive comments from people who have tried the product, bought the product and all and one guy, who has never seen it, and may tend toward the snarky makes a comment and WHAM I hit the mat and it takes hours for me to get back up again. This ish is fragile, but getting tougher.

And then some people are NOT jerks….I did have some very good news. I’m connecting with a man (thanks Barbara!) who can help me move the business to business end of things forward. I hope to work with him to get into gift shows and make contact with corporations and other vendors/orgs who could use the product as a promotional vehicle. Every time a customer or alumni looks at their iPod they’d see the logo of that company. Pretty cool. Looking forward to that!

Much love,


p.s. my dear friends via facebook backed me up on the jerk thing.

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That’s funny

I’m actually quite a funny person, witty, sarcastic, teasing…but you can’t tell lately. Heavy. I’m glad I have some friends with whom I can laugh. My cousin is number one on that list. I SO glad she is coming to New Jersey. We LAUGH all the time and she thinks I’m the most hilarious thing out there. (It helps to have a good audience!). I think we’ll do a podcast when she gets here. We say the most ridculous things when we’re together. You’ll laugh.

I could use some more joy. Joy makes it all flow. I carved out a bit of time to a little of my bible…Think and Grow Rich. I know my mind is in charge of all of this. Working on controlling that.

I used to laugh with my dad and I still can sometimes, but only one the good days, which is about 1 out of 3 for him. My poor darling dad.

Today sent a note to to ask them to review my product. Fingers crossed. I will talk to my neighbor tomorrow who writes about technolgy about who can review the IMP. He kindly offered to do this a month ago, but I’ve been a bit nuts (to say the least, eh?). It’s a good time as holiday shopping is just beginning. FOR REALZ I never thought I would be in a position to be getting ready for holiday shopping…from this end of thing. GET YOUR STOCKING STUFFERS RIGHT HERE! LOL.

Much love,



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I do my own stunts

Being a starting…can we say self financed…operation. I realized recently that I am my own bikini girl (you know the hot chick who hands out flyers about the latest products?) and I do my own stunts. I am it. The face, the body, and the voice of IMP and If I don’t speak for it who will? Ha.

So to get the eyes over here I am the one will be jumping around in a bananna costume or flashing my boobs…whatever. Interested? Come and hear what I’m selling sweet thing. The price is right and the shipping is free…plus this baby works…will save you time and frustration…bringing some Zen of IMP into your life…OMMMMMmmmmmm. Baby. Breathe and buy.




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I don’t know what to say…

I like this business stuff. I have a challenge ahead of me because my product is so new (it came out of my brain, you know) I have to EXPLAIN what it is to people THEN convince them to buy it. The solution is really sort of obvious and once people see it they like it. BRILLIANT! MAKES SENSE. AWESOME. YOU’RE a GENIUS. …thanks! 🙂

717348425306_0_SM Tangled cords…AHHHHHH!

BlackWhiteWhite Orderly cords!


It is rather genius…in it’s simplicity and functionality. If I do say so myself. 🙂

So I talk about it and it works…to educate people about it. And encourage them to solve their tangled cord problems. I’ll talk. And keep talking.

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I had two online sales yesterday! Yay! How exciting is that? It’s MFing exciting is what! And they bought multiple items. That kind of caught me by surprise. I figured I would be selling them one by one. Probably will in some cases, but not all the time evidently! YAY! My beautiful IMPs! In people’s actual hands! YAY!


When I’m not working or taking care of the family…or sometimes while I’m taking care of the family I spend my time packaging product. I’m getting more efficient over time. It’s relaxing. And it is SO satisfying to put product into shipping envelopes and go to the post office. I’ve only had the pleasure once (my husband dropped off the other package today), but it was fun…printing the packing slip, writing a note to the customer, sealing it all up. Yay! My own thing!

And I like getting money for it too. That’s a nice addition. Money in exchange for goods. A nice arrangement. I see why so many people do that. Efficient, easy and satisfying. Cool. Haha.

On the dad front we upped the morphine today to 2 pain patches and double pills too. He is suffering a lot today, and yesterday was totally fine. You (or at least I) can not predict this. I need to take a nap now. More excitement, business, caregiving, and JUGGLING! to come.

Much love,


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I sold 3!

Tonight I ended up at the Princeton Macintosh Users Group (PMUG). For some reason I thought “users groups” this morning. I was actually thinking, “Holy sh*t, I started this company and now I have to sell these things! How?” People need to know about the IMPs. So I spent the day sending notes to my contacts on Yahoo and posting the first video commercial to my friends on Facebook. It’s a start right.

I am getting lots of good praise from my friends and family who finally see the IMPs and people are spreading the word to their friends, but I haven’t had any sales yet…until tonight (ok, it’s been 12 hours or so….ok, ok). Anyway the universe (don’t believe in it? sorry.) sent me to the PMUG meeting at the last minute tonight.

When I clicked on the link on the Apple website for MUGs in the area I saw listings for NYC and NJ. The next PMUG meeting listed was in December, but I just clicked on it anyway. I was surprised to see that the next meeting was this evening and the topic was Gadgets and Gizmos for the Holiday Season. What? My IMP is the perfect stocking stuffer (thanks for that idea Jen!)! Thank you universe…once again.

I picked up my kid and called my husband to tell him to come home early. I got my dad settled and my kid settled (with McDonalds…sorry kid, but had to give you something to make up for the fact I wouldn’t be home tonight…he got Astroboy and was happy with that). I programmed Princeton University into the GPS and was off.

I gave myself all kinds of pep talks on the drive down. “I’m gonna sell ALL these IMPs to those PMUGs!” “I am a great salesperson!” I’m not a salesperson…yet, but I’m building up the muscles…tonight was the first night.

I arrived at the meeting early and sat down. There was an unexpected crowd of older folks there…how cool, I didn’t see that coming, but liked it. They were companionable and friendly. I chatted with a few folks.

Then I noticed the presenter sitting down front and said to myself “No time like the present.” So I went down and introduced myself and the IMP to him. He was kind enough to include my IMP in his presentation. He went through like 100 products…some amazing and some weird and even some DIY suff for the holidays. He had a powerpoint with a lot of the products and then actually a few in person. He ended with mine and said “The inventor is actually here”. I explained what the product did “what you do with your earbuds…when they’re not in your ears”, was added to the URL list that will be shared with the entire group, and got some applause.

When I first spoke to him he mentioned his girlfriend Marie who reviews “products like yours”. I looked for Marie after the meeting and gave her a handful of IMPs. People complemented the packaging (designed it myself….thanks!) and the idea. They loved that I had it patented and I sold 3! Not quite my whole bag, but a start…and it felt SOOOOOOOO good. Way better than working…hello?!?!?! People give you money, for your product. You make money. I figured with that $27 bucks I made, paid for a good handful of product, a small dent in my investment…but something back. What a RUSH! I was high the whole drive home!



p.s. I drove through EDISON NJ and I thought about one of my inspirations…Thomas Edison. Cool.

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Junk musings

Recently I have encountered a lot of junk. And by junk I mean men’s genetals. I’m of course used to encountering my husbands. Pleasantly. And a day wouldn’t be complete withouth his penis dance at the top of the stairs as my son and I sit down on the couch in the living room. “Ewww daddy!” son says. I also have seen my son’s junk on a daily basis for the past 4 years. Less so now that he’s potty trained, but still…on the regular. I can get a surprise attack from him like yesterday when he let me know his pull-up was dry that morning…he pulled it down to show me. Junk. But my daily junk exposure has grown by a third in my care for my dad. He uses a urinal and is partially bedridden so uses them regularly instead of heading to the bathroom, so his can come out at any time of the day or night that I’m down there. I also give him an injection daily in the belly which is near enough. Lastly he’s taken to not wearing pajama bottoms because it’s easier for him to toilet that way and keeps his body temperature better regulated. My exposure may have increased by half or more through my dad now that I think of it. Anywho…

Daily I push closer to my dream. In caring for my family I feel both burdened and blessed. My friends who don’t have close or any relationship with their fathers envy mine. I’m blessed. To have my name called 40 times a day between the three of them can be a bit much. Mom! Alissa! Honey! Can you…whatever it is they need from me. I feel much more locked down than when I had an infant and that was a hell of a trapped feeling. Burdened. And blessed.

Mostly I think it is my own perspective on these things that determines what I get from them and how I experience them. It is absolutely true. I have been whipping myself a lot lately about what I’m not doing well and what I’m not able to do. But these are extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary. Even without cancer and hospice they would be, so with them. Ugh. A lot. I have been feeling miserable even though I see the miracles around me and happening for me on a daily basis. That’s been my choice. Mine alone. Yes this IS hard, but so are many things I have done and continue to do. (I won’t even bother to compare myself to other people’s hardships…)

I decided, which is why I’m up at 1:30 in the morning writing to you all, that I will take advantage of this time. Not fight it. I will get all I can out of being at home, with dad, with the family, and out of the office job job. I will make the most of my time to get my dream–my own business(es), time and money to do what I want, Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom! And the opportunity to use my skills to their highest and best…help other people reach their goals–physical and material. Grow more freeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom in the world. That’s what I can do.

So I worked on my commercial yesterday and I’m determined to finish it and post it today. I’m making lists and asking for help. If you think of something to help me–just do it. I’d appreciate it.



p.s. I got my box of free stuff from! Woo! Banners, car magnets, pens, business cards, notebooks, mugs, what?! All with my imp logo and pointing people to my Vistaprint is cool!

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