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So I had another real experience today…photoshoot for the IMP. I worked with Lily and I’ll get to see the pictures tomorrow. I’m so excited! I think they’re going to be cool. We did some straight product shots and some cooler arty shots…her specialty. I brought my creativity and did some shots of my hands holding the straps. My hands are SO veiny…from the weight lifting.

Anyway, in starting this business I’m getting good at spending money, but as I told my dad today after the hospice nurse left, “It’s time for me to get good at making money.” He responded, “They go well together.”  Yeah.

My goal is to have the site launched on Saturday. Dad spiked another fever after having a great day so we’ll see, but as I told the hospice social worker what I learned from him is mostly to “keep it moving” no matter what. I did it through heartbreak in grad school and I’ll keep it going now. I’ll grieve when the time comes, but not yet. Alive is alive until it ain’t. And we’re all alive right now.

Photos…getting the pictures taken and talking to my dad about it was exciting for him. He’s SOOOOO supportive and loves me so much and wants me to succeed it is a true blessing. I’m lucky. Now I need to continue to fulfill his wishes for me. Will share pictures tomorrow!



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