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Small Business is not pretty

I’m pretty much going this alone right now. My darling partner in crime/cousin is supportive but not too helpful in terms of actually getting things done right now. She’s in a growth period and is doing what she needs to do, but I need her to do what I need her to do! LOL. Not happening right now, but it will…I think.

Anyway, I too am facing some ish. I think my dad is dying. How do we know if someone is dying?  Aren’t we all dying all the time? Or not until we’re actually dead? I guess it’s a matter of perspective. I think I’ll choose just dead…otherwise this is living! I’m his caretaker so it is an immediate situation. Tough. Emotional. Draining. Occupying. He suffers and I don’t like it. For now we’re just loving each other as much as we can every moment.

My darling PIC dealt with this last year with her mom and what she describes is not pretty. Not what I want for him at all. Gotta make the doctors understand that he needs to be comfortable…number 1 and number 100. That’s it. Fighting Fighting Fighting and torturning him is not cool.

What’s all this to do with business? Everything. Because real people who run small businesses (and large ones too) are real people. With real ish in their lives that can interfere with the plans. I want to talk to the printer, arrange for the photos, order the balsa wood, get the envelopes, arrange for USPS pickup, add web content, buy a new domain name and point it at this one I don’t like much, package product, make videos, etc. All that. But reality slowsssssss down the process. Honestly I’d just like to sell some product so I could tell my dad and perhaps he could either get better or let go because he will see I’m on my way to freedom.


p.s. you can see the site evolve before the launch at IMP–what you do with your earbuds…when they’re not in your ears.

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