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So I have my product. I have chosen a webstore server. I’m adding content daily. I’m praying. I’m visualizing. I’m feeling confident. I’m getting good feedback from people who I can talk about the idea with now that I have a patent number. People are excited! They love the idea. I shared it with my business banker the other day and she got all WOOWOO!

I brought her one today and she was into it. She liked it and was like all appreciative of me bringing her by a couple. But she wasn’t all WOOWOO! LOL. I asked her how much she’d pay for it and she said, well a pair of earbuds cost like what $10? So I’d pay half that, maybe a little less for the smaller one. What she said TOTALLY makes sense (now that I have looked at it again…we were thinking $10/each) but my confidence got a kick in the nuts…if it had nuts that is.

Damn! And it’s funny because I said to her, “No matter what you say about the price I won’t be offended.” Ummm. LIAR! LOL.

But it was useful on a couple of fronts. Made me immediately go back and rebuild my confidence. If something small like that, someone who likes my product and gave honest feedback, is gonna shake me, this is going to be a long and bumpy ride. I won’t get anywhere with that attitude! Anyway, built up my confidence again, then looked at pricing again and it actually makes sense. I may package them in pairs of two (will get more out and get me closer to my desired price point without cutting into revenues too much…was the original plan long ago). Made me think more on this branding issue. Useful. Make me keep my grip on this thang. A good thing.

Cheers! And keep up your confidence for you thang!


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