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We’ve got product…up in here

Well my boxes of product from Chi-to-the-na are here! What!? What?! They came yesterday to my surprise. I thought they would be in stuck in Shanghi for the 9 day statuatory holiday, but I guess DHL doesn’t rest even on holidays.

When I happened to check the tracking ticket yesterday and it said, In New Jersey With Courier for Delivery I almost had a stroke! I sprinted through the office of my job-job to my friend who is also working on her own stuff and burst in on her with the news. It is EXCITING!

I had to wait to get home to see them and I called my husband and instructed him NOT to open the packages for me. He said he wouldn’t. When I got home there they were in the garage…one biggish box and one smallish box, 4000 pieces.

We took pictures of the box opening process and held up the wrapped packets grinning. Me, my son, my dad and hubs. I said to my dad, “It was in my head and now it’s in my hands!” Amazing. Think it into being..right?!

Anyway I didn’t roll around naked in them, but I am determined to build a website by the end of the month to begin marketing these puppies.

And also coolness…today I got my patent pending number. I’m all ready to go.

Christian L. here I come.

Much love,


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