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Did I tell you the story of how this whole process got started…at least this accelerated stage from idea to product in hand?

I had been working on this idea for a while. Nearly 2 years. And when you see its simple beauty and functionality you’ll be like, that took you 2 years to perfect?

LOL. Yes damnit! It took two years.

Anyway, I went through design, and coaching, and figuring out correct sizing, placement, construction, etc. Sourced materials, found subcontractors, and all that good ish. Finally I went to to find a manufacturer and found a fantastic one in Shanghi. Linda and Susan you guys ROCK!

They tested and tested and send prototype after prototype to get this right for me. They got it. But then they spoke of LARGE minimums. I was stymied. I didn’t have the cash.

I had cooperated in the bankrupting of our family with my husband in the building of his business. Good lessons from that, but NO cash.

I had an automatic draw from my personal account to an online account and didn’t pay much attention to it. One day I checked it and there was $2000 in there.

I took a chance and wrote to my manufacturers and said, I have $2500 (not quite) and want some product. What can we do for that (and I need it to include shipping from Shanghi to NJ). Bold eh?

Funnily enough they said, no problem. We can give you 4,000 peices of both sizes of the product with one design. GREAT!

I wrote back and asked if I could get both sizes and 2 designs. They hemmed and hawed a bit, but agreed. WHAT!?!?! Obviously it doesn’t hurt to ask right?

Well great, but I still needed $500.

I transferred the money from the online account to my personal account and prayed about the $500. I’m not religious, Buddhist actually, but I believe the universe can hear me when I ask so I asked. I need the money to buy these pieces. I don’t know where it is going to come from but I need it.

I went on to bed. I sat bolt upright at 2am thinking about a refund the garbage company owed me. I got annoyed thinking about it, saying to myself, “I’m going to call them tomorrow to see where the he** my money is!”

It then occured to me that there was an envelope in the kitchen that had been sitting there for about a week from the garbage company that I hadn’t bothered to open. I RAN down the stairs to the kitchen and ripped that sucker open. $587.61! WHAT?!?!?!

Prayers answered. Request fulfilled. It doesn’t hurt to ask, eh?

I sent off the money a couple of weeks ago and the shipment is on its way out of China as we speak, “Waiting to Move” on the carriers website.


I love when I plan comes together!


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