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I love Napoleon Hill and the Buddha

I love to think BIG thoughts. I think a lot and have been trained for years to do so…in my schooling and in my employment as a social scientist. Thinking! It’s fun.

But what I think, what I think about, and what my thoughts create in me–leading to behavior–varies, and that leads to varying results. You know?!

It’s only those thoughts that are focused on what I experience right now (mindfulness) are the ones that are productive…avoiding thinking (much) about the past or the future are critical for the attainment of happiness (IMPORTANT), contentment, and satisfaction.

The Buddha doesn’t worry too much about thinking big thoughts…really NO thoughts (or no attachment to thoughts) is the goal.

However, since I’m not that spiritually evolved (yet), I do still think thoughts. So while I’m still bothering to do that I might as well think BIG.

That’s what I’m doing. I love that Napoleon Hill for thinking big. His work (check out his videos on YouTube! Awesome! Do you have the stamina to get through all of them…most people stop at the first or second one…and that’s why most people are STUCK!) is all about thinking BIG, but also ties it to behavior–which is key of course.

The beautiful synergy between the Buddha and Napoleon Hill are the “control of your own mind” and it will take you where you want to go. It is the ultimate gift we all can benefit from with some effort. Do it! I want you to do you. I’m doing me.


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