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The hardest thing about what I do is finding time and claiming time to do it. I have an almost 4 year old son, a dad who lives with me, a full time gig, a second gig, this, and am married and like to take care of myself by making regular gym visits. So how to carve out time to think, write, create, manage and ORGANIZE?

It’s hard.

I used to say when I was a younger person, I don’t want a husband, I want a wife, so I can do all the things I want to do in my life. Well I ended up being the wife and although I can’t say my marriage is so traditional, it’s not untraditional either. And mothering ended up being very traditional. My son is very attached to me–which I want and is great, but parenting is just plain time consuming.

Rough but true.

Anyway, I am taking advantage of this moment to blog to you all and to get some organization work done on the invention business. The business of the invention.

I am about to go back to a Word table shell with column headings: Website, Marketing, Manufacturing and Packaging, Inventory and Order Processing, and Company. Bringing together all my DISPARATE ideas from multiple notebooks into one place.

I am GREATFUL for the time. I am GREATFUL for the time. And am taking advantage of it.

Back to it!

See ya!


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