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Alissa Gardenhire-Crooks, Ph.D.

I have been inventing since I was a kid, but didn’t learn I could be an inventor until I was a grownup. My mom told me to be a Renaissance woman and my dad told me to “go for it” as I grew up.

But I still went down the prescribed path. School and more school then work…for someone else. Which is fine…for what it is, but I can’t be “all I can be” in someone else’s frame. Can you?

Actually, inventing is pretty easy. Figuring out how to be an entrepreneur…now that is the hard part.

I have a full-time career as a social policy qualitative researcher. I am a wife, mother, and daughter–full time too.

I also have a bug to fix problems and now am finally bringing one fix to market. Not my first invention, but the first one (and simplest one) I have actually worked to get to market.

The prototypes have been vetted, tested, focus grouped, proof of concept-ed, graphic designed, and now patented.

The products have been ordered, the packaging figured out, the market analyzed, a marketing plan is being finalized, logo designed, a website is being designed, and a small team of friends assembled to work on the business with me. Let’s do this ish!

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